The Warehouse Review was commissioned to investigate if structural concerns identified in six Masterton buildings may be more widespread. Twenty warehouses from across New Zealand were selected at random.

Our review found design engineers had incorrectly designed or omitted critical details from warehouse designs. This included insufficiently providing for external loading or poor detailing in design. The deficiencies could mean concrete panels – typically found on the external walls – become dislodged during an earthquake, presenting a potential risk to life safety.

The Warehouse Findings Review Report is intended to help engineers learn from common issues observed. It contains illustrated examples of poor designs and illustrates principles engineers should consider in their designs.

The findings will also be shared with regulators in the building system.

We will now partner with others to develop a technical design guide that will include best practice for warehouse design. SESOC experts Michelle Grant and Gordon Hughes have also developed the ‘Ten tips for better design of low-rise structures’ instructional seminar to help upskill engineers working in this area.

Members can access the report and 10 Tips for the Better Design of Low-rise Structures.