In late April, you shared your thoughts on your experience being a member of Engineering New Zealand via a member survey. With over 1,500 responses, your feedback has provided a wealth of insights that will help shape the future of Te Ao Rangahau.

The resulting Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 13, which is an improvement on prior years but indicates more work to be done. Many respondents provided insights in the follow up question.

Your comments were generally positive, highlighting the many aspects of our services, products, guidelines, and regulatory functions that you appreciate.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) stood out as the area that garnered the most feedback. Many of you want CPD offerings to be more relevant to your specific discipline and more focused on supporting your technical development. We’ve recently launched our discipline-specific Load Pathways course and our Learning Partnerships team is focused on the development of other technical learning activities. Your input is crucial, and we’re committed to tailoring CPD programs to better meet your needs.

There were fewer comments about the CPEng assessment and reassessment processes compared to the last survey, reflecting the positive impact of our efforts as the Registration Authority to strengthen this area.

You also indicated a desire for stronger standards, better support for migrant engineers, and efforts to build the pipeline for future engineers. Many of you want to see a higher profile for engineers in society and a more vocal advocacy for the profession. Your voice is essential in driving these initiatives.

Many of you said you appreciate the support offered by the Engineering New Zealand team, whether this was through support for groups, events delivered, training provided or other general support.

Your input helps ensure that Engineering New Zealand evolves and enhances its offerings to serve you better. Thank you for your valuable feedback – it’s instrumental in shaping a supportive and dynamic professional community.

Stay tuned for updates as your feedback is put into action.