As always, here at Te Ao Rangahau Engineering New Zealand, our top priority during Covid-19 is supporting our members. We’ve put together some information and resources to help you navigate lockdown. Information here is current as of Monday 22 August 2021.

Last Wednesday, life was as normal – Covid-19 was largely out of sight and out of mind. Then within hours of news of our first Delta case, Aotearoa was plunged back into lockdown. Although it was inevitable that Delta would creep its way into the community, lockdown – and our move back down through alert levels – requires adjustments.

But we’re here to support you. So, here’s some information on what you as engineers should know.

What's new since the August 2021 outbreak?

What Government defines as essential construction work has been updated

There is a narrower definition for essential services at Alert Level 4 than in 2020, where essential businesses were added over time.

Building and construction related to nationally important infrastructure, and immediate health and safety risks, and resourcing consenting necessary for the above purposes can continue in Level 4.

Read MBIE's Alert Level 4 guidance for building and construction

Many other building and construction workers will be returning to work sites at Alert Level 3.

Building and construction protocols 

CHASNZ has released new Alert Level 4 protocols for residential, horizontal and vertical construction.

Alert Level 3 protocols for residential, horizontal and vertical construction have also been updated.

Find out more here

Doing business during Covid-19

Unite Against Covid-19 has information about operating safely at different alert levels.

Read the guidance

Encourage your workers to get vaccinated 

Vaccination is key to the country’s response to Covid-19 – and it may also be crucial for your workforce. And while employers cannot mandate vaccinations, workers may be prohibited from being on work sites where there is a heightened chance of contracting or transmitting Covid-19. This includes construction.

If you're aged 30 or over, or you are in Groups 1, 2, or 3, you can book your vaccinations now.

Find out more about booking your vaccine

Contact tracing requirements 

All businesses must legally display an NZ Covid Tracer QR code. Additionally, record-keeping to assist contact tracing will become mandatory at all alert levels and it will now be compulsory to scan the NZ Covid Tracer at busy places.

Find out more about contact tracing at your workplace

Requirements for face coverings 

If you are working at Alert Level 4, you must wear a face covering if you are a customer or an employee involving customer contact.

Find out more about face covering requirements

Covid-19 and contractual considerations for engineers

A new raft of Covid-19 claims will inevitably follow this latest outbreak of Covid-19. Check out this helpful article from ACE New Zealand about Covid-19 clauses and considerations for engineers.

Covid-19 lockdown and NZS 3910:2013 – the Role of the Engineer to the Contract

MinterEllisonRuddWatts has also provided commentary on new implications for building and construction at Alert Level 4.

COVID-19: What does Alert Level 4 mean for construction?

Financial Support

Financial support may be available for you, your family or business.

Find out more about financial support


Make sure you look after your own wellbeing while we live with Covid-19 restrictions. Check out our tips and resources, specific to engineers, to help support your wellbeing.

Read our wellbeing tips and resources

Read our tips on looking after your staff

Read our tips on working from home with children

Mental Health Support is available for everyone, with several options if you need to talk.

Call the MATES helpline 0800 111 315 24/7 or text 5353

Free phone or text 1737 to communicate immediately with a counsellor (Mental Health Foundation).

Lifeline 0800 543 354 (text 4357)
Youthline 0800 376 633
Samaritans 0800 726 666

In an emergency dial 111 if someone is at risk of harm.

How can we support you?

What are you most concerned about right now and how can we help? Our top priority is supporting members, and this means understanding what would help you the most. Please let us know.

Email us at with the subject line "Covid-19 response" and tell us what you need.

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