All of Steel Construction New Zealand’s (SCNZ’s) Distributor members have now been independently audited to satisfy the requirements of the SCNZ Structural Distributor Charter.

The Charter covers the sourcing of steels for structural and general engineering applications, including structural long sections, plate product, merchant bars and welded sections.

The initiative requires that chartered structural steel distributors operate a Quality Management System (QMS) and satisfies an audit checklist. For example, they must undertake due diligence of new suppliers and monitor their performance, maintain product traceability, engage competent personnel, and appoint an appropriately accredited QMS assessor to undertake the audit process.

Evidence of compliance with the Structural Steel Distributor Charter comprises a valid QMS certificate as well as written confirmation from the distributor’s assessor that the scope of certification meets the requirements of the initiative.

More information on the SCNZ Distributor Charter