A recent ruling by MBIE has seen a builder fined $6,000 for failing to ensure buildings he was working on had building consents. Although this case was against a builder, the same rule applies to engineers.

Engineers play an important role in ensuring the building process runs smoothly and applicable laws are followed. BCAs rely on engineers to ensure that where a project does not have building consent, it will not be constructed. This ruling shows MBIE and BCAs take this responsibility seriously. BCAs can also raise complaints with us when engineers supervise work that does not have building consent. 

Complaints can be stressful, time-consuming and potentially lead to a disciplinary finding. We've received a number of complaints in recent years about engineers monitoring or signing off unconsented work. While this doesn’t always lead to disciplinary action, complaints of this nature can often be avoided if engineers take reasonable steps to ensure consent has been granted before building work begins.

Under our Code of Ethical Conduct, engineers must act with honesty and integrity. Engineers are also obligated to comply with applicable New Zealand laws, including the Building Act. If an engineer supervises work or signs a PS4 for work that does not have building consent, they could be found to have acted in breach of their ethical or legal obligations.