Our President Professor Rosalind Archer FEngNZ has announced her resignation from her role at the University of Auckland.

Rosalind has been with the University for nearly 20 years and is currently Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. She will leave in December to take up a new role as Head of the School of Engineering and Built Environment at Griffith University in Queensland.

Rosalind will continue to serve as our President for the rest of her term, to March 2022.

Rosalind says she’s looking forward to leading a group of staff at Griffith University in disciplines including architecture, urban planning, industrial design, construction management, aviation, and civil/electrical/mechanical engineering.

“My nearly 20 years at Auckland have been a pleasure – but I feel now’s the time to seek new professional challenges – and warmer weather – as well as the chance to spend more time with family in Australia.”

Our Chief Executive Dr Richard Templer says, “We extend our warmest congratulations to Rosalind, who has given much to engineering over her career. I am delighted that she will continue to serve as our President and have no doubt she’ll stay in close contact with the New Zealand engineering community.”

Rosalind Archer 054.jpg

Professor Rosalind Archer