In closing Infrastructure New Zealand’s conference last month, Chair Andrew Stevens observed that if we closed our eyes, we could have been sitting at the same conference five years ago.

Five years on, our transport system is still congested and unsustainable. Our three waters are underfunded and unhealthy. Our housing has become more unaffordable. And almost none of our infrastructure has a clear long-term strategy for the future.

However, our new Government has the strongest mandate ever to deliver on its promises and make change.

The 800 industry leaders gathered at ReBuilding Nations challenged the Government to lay out the 5–10 outcomes that it wants for New Zealand in the future, so that industry could get in behind them.

Whether these outcomes were a fair and equitable nation, a connected and globalised hub, or an agricultural innovator, they would provide a reliable and predictable course for the future.

They would allow key organisations, like the Infrastructure Commission, to plan their long-term strategies around them.

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Article supplied by Infrastructure New Zealand