Experts have often struggled with deciding how to improve streetscapes. Will Chicago’s solutions work in Christchurch? Will a promising treatment work during shop deliveries, or after school? And wholescale changes to established streets are typically challenging, with long timescales.

Now, the NZ Transport Agency is looking to improve this process with the development of a new programme called, Innovating Streets.

The programme takes a systems view of the challenges to street innovations, with a series of interventions planned to make it faster and easier to deliver temporary changes to streets. These include new guidance, training for practitioners, as well as changes to legislation and policies.

Practical guidance is currently being tested on a number of case study projects across the country to ensure it meets practitioners requirements. This draft guidance is now published on the Transport Agency’s website, with feedback welcomed over the coming months. The website will also showcase projects being delivered in Aotearoa, from play streets to intersection redesigns, to provide inspiration and lessons learnt to others. Check out the interim guidance.