Engineering New Zealand is proud to announce the launch of the Rainbow Special Interest Group (RSIG), dedicated to improving representation of rainbow communities across the engineering profession.

A vision of inclusivity in engineering

At the heart of RSIG lies a vision that drives their mission and purpose. The vision is clear and resolute: to be the group that advocates for and improves the representation of rainbow communities across the engineering industry.

RSIG is committed to championing the cause of diversity and inclusivity within the engineering sector. As the world evolves, so should the engineering community. Their goal is to be the driving force behind this change, advocating for and advancing the rights and opportunities of rainbow communities in the industry. Get involved and be part of the change. This is your space to connect, collaborate, and make a more inclusive engineering industry.

You're invited to join RSIG in this endeavour, working together to create a brighter, more inclusive future for the engineering industry.

Find out more about RSIG and stay informed about events you can attend, or register to become a member – it's free until the end of 2024.