Producer statements give building consent authorities confidence that work has been or will be constructed in accordance with the Building Code and any other consenting requirements.

We’re currently reviewing the tools and guidance for our producer statements, which are co-owned by Engineering New Zealand and ACE New Zealand and Engineering New Zealand.

We know these documents are well used across the industry but are keen to gather more information to see if further updates and guidance are needed.

In particular, we want to understand:

  • whether there is a need or desire to update the digital producer statement tool
  • whether you are aware of the A-series producer statements, which are used for work not requiring building consent
  • whether there’s value in developing a standardised PS3 to demonstrate compliance of work carried out by contractors and sub-contractors

Your feedback is important to us. Please complete this short survey to help us decide what updates are required. It will take about five minutes to complete.

The survey will close on Wednesday 13 March.

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