Engineering New Zealand has provided briefings to incoming ministers about key issues affecting our profession. These are intended as conversation starters for our ongoing relations with the new Government.

Skills shortages

Aotearoa needs at least 2,300 new engineers every year to sustain its economic development but currently is only graduating 2,000 annually who will work in the profession – and that number is decreasing. We challenge this Government to invest and focus on STEM in education, as well as immigration settings that continue to recognise and respond to market demand. We also want to see reinstated funding for the Wonder Project, which inspires New Zealand’s next generation of engineers and other STEM graduates.

Skill shortages briefing   |  113.0 KB

Occupational regulation 

Previously, we have supported Government to drive regulatory change for its role in enhancing accountability and public safety. Our focus now will be to strengthen the Chartered Professional Engineer regulations to achieve the outcomes of occupational regulation but with minimal disruption. 

Occupational regulation briefing   |  450.1 KB

Infrastructure pipeline

Infrastructure serves society’s long-term needs. We need certainty over projects, including bipartisan agreement. We advocate for independent oversight of projects; that engineers be involved for expert input; that centralised resources are leveraged; and that procurement includes terms and conditions that enable improved long-term outcomes.

Infrastructure pipeline briefing   |  57.2 KB


System reform is needed in numerous areas in which our profession serves clients and communities. In particular we support the need for water reform, RMA reform and building system reform that optimises outcomes, using whatever levers are deemed most appropriate. We believe strong direction from central Government, coupled with better clarity of roles, resources and accountabilities within local government, would help considerably.

Reforms briefing   |  57.7 KB


Designing for a resilient Aotearoa depends on properly understanding the risk of natural hazard. Our profession has a huge role in enabling this understanding and its implementation. In particular, we want to engage with work on the Emergency Management System, the Building Act and Building Code, and earthquake-prone buildings.

Resilience briefing   |  444.8 KB

Climate Change 

Engineering New Zealand has a firm position on climate change. We must be part of the conversation on investments, adaptive infrastructure that provides for tomorrow’s world, and regulation enabling development that is much more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Climate Change briefing   |  60.6 KB


The Transportation Group also provided a briefing on their priorities for transport, including the need to: understand EVs and technology cannot achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050; properly consider regional travel needs; ensure funding is increased and dependable; ensure the benefits of people using alternatives to cars is realised; appreciate that interventions to reducing road casualties are available, measurable and impactful.

Transport briefing   |  356.9 KB

Cover letters

Hon. Penny Simmonds, Minister for the Environment and Tertiary Education and Skills   |  187.2 KB

Hon. Erica Stanford, Minister for Education   |  189.0 KB

Hon. Melissa Lee, Minister for Economic Development   |  179.4 KB

Hon. Simeon Brown, Minister for Local Government, Transport and Energy   |  191.9 KB

Hon. Chris Penk, Minister for Building and Construction   |  205.0 KB

Hon. Chris Bishop, Minister for Infrastructure, Housing and Resource Management Act and Reform   |  190.1 KB

Hon. David Seymour, Minister for Regulation   |  186.0 KB

Hon. Simon Watts, Minister for Climate Change   |  177.2 KB

Hon. David Seymour, Minister for Regulation Hon. Simeon Brown, Minister for Local Government, Transport and Energy   |  191.9 KB