NZ Wood wants to take New Zealand’s construction industry back to its roots.

NZ Wood wants to help one of the oldest materials find its footing in the modern world. To do this, they’ve published ‘Design for Fire Safety’ and ‘Designing for Prefabrication’ the first of a series of booklets aimed to help engineers, architects, developers and others in the building and construction industry understand the benefits of using wood in their projects.

All across New Zealand, timber research organisations and developers have combined resources and knowledge to develop and produce the guides as a way to encourage the use of prefabricated timber components and engineered products in the construction sector. NZ Wood’s ultimate goal is for the guides to become a cloud-based library of resources that will “ensure good design, accurate costings, and easy consenting”, according to New Zealand Construction News.  

NZ Wood is hopeful that the 54 Timber Design Guide booklets they plan to release over the course of the next 18 months will help position timber as a preferred construction material. 

To learn more and download the guides visit NZ Wood’s website.