Engineering New Zealand welcomes the establishment of the New Zealand Claims Resolution Service (NZCRS) – a permanent, wrap-around, national service to help homeowners resolve residential insurance claims resulting from natural disasters.

As part of the service, Engineering New Zealand will support homeowners needing impartial expert engineering advice to progress claims. It'll manage a panel of engineers, trained and ready to help provide technical and expert engineering advice to assist with insurance disputes.

The model finds precedent with the Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service (GCCRS), which was designed to support homeowners resolve claims from the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence. The NZCRS will build on the success of the GCCRS’s expert engineering panel, which has provided engineering services to over 400 homeowners in resolving their claims and will continue to assist these homeowners.

The NZCRS’s expert engineering panel will be available nationwide to support New Zealanders in all natural disasters, including flood, fire, and slips. When needed, the NZCRS can request a referral from Engineering New Zealand for services. These services will include peer review of existing engineering assessments and independent expert engineering advice.

Engineering New Zealand also provides information to homeowners on how to engage an engineer to assess damage to property and recommend repair, and a template engagement letter on the new New Zealand claims resolution service page.

Chief Executive Dr Richard Templer says, “Disasters are very stressful for people and working through insurance claims compounds stress."

“As New Zealand’s professional body for engineers, Engineering New Zealand is well positioned to identify and validate competent engineers to provide an impartial assessment to help homeowners resolve a claim."

“We've successfully provided this kind of service previously, for homeowners affected by the Canterbury Earthquakes. We're very pleased the Government has again asked us to support the public in this way.”

Other offerings available through the New Zealand Claims Resolution Services will include legal advice, assistance to resolve disputes and claims, and a directory of resources and support contacts.

Notes to reporters

Engineering New Zealand is New Zealand's professional body for engineers, with some 22,000 members. We represent – and regulate – our members. We also act as the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers.

For more information, contact Justin Brownlie on 022 104 7368.