The competence assessment team is a dedicated group of individuals who know our assessment process inside and out, helping engineers become Chartered Professional Engineers and/or Chartered Members of Engineering New Zealand.

Registrar Peter Lourié joined the team in August 2017 and works with three expert Lead Staff Assessors – Mike Amptmeyer, Fiona Lim and Keith Woolley – and three knowledgeable Competence Assessment Advisors. A typical day will see Peter fielding questions on assessment validity and discussing sufficient evidence and substantial equivalence. 

Many engineers will be familiar with Senior Competence Advisor Andrew Drummond as well as Competence Advisors Ganu Gonsalkorale and Richard Davis. They give numerous presentations on our assessment process and help engineers as they put their assessment submissions together, with administrative support from Bub Konia. As a team, they manage more than 500 reassessments every year, plus 300 initial assessments. 

A few things have changed over the years as we have refined and improved our assessment processes. Our assessment seeks a holistic understanding of an engineer’s professional engineering ability and knowledge. The assessment provides the candidate not only with the ability to reflect on the engineering work that they have done and what they have achieved but allows them to share their engineering experience and knowledge with like-minded peers in our assessment interactives. 

If you want to find out more about the assessment process or becoming a Chartered Professional Engineer or Chartered Member, reach out to