Today I want to let you know that I’ve accepted a job offer – as Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand.

This has been a tough decision, because we are doing so well at Engineering New Zealand and there is so much exciting work going on. I love my job and it’s a privilege to work with our Engineering New Zealand whānau, and this incredible profession.

Since I started here in 2015 we have transformed IPENZ into Engineering New Zealand – a refreshed, modern and inclusive organisation, while still respecting our heritage. We’ve turned from an inward-looking professional body into a dynamic, connected and influential organisation. We’ve grown from 15,000 to 23,000 members. We’ve overhauled so much of what we do – we’ve started powerful new initiatives like the Wonder Project and Diversity Agenda, and secured new income streams. We’re more credible and respected, and so much better connected where it matters.

We face into difficult issues, and our team punches so much above its weight in support of this extraordinary profession.

I know this work will continue.

I also want to stress that Engineering New Zealand is in good heart. We have taken steps that position us as well as possible to ride out the financial uncertainty of the next 18 months or so. I’m proud – and sad – to be leaving when things are in such sound shape, with new opportunities coming up all the time to serve both individual members and the profession as a whole.

But for everyone, there’s a time to move on. For me, I relish this next challenge of helping a really important sector by reimagining the possibilities for the organisation that supports it. But I also have to say that, personally, it will be so hard to leave our people, the humming organisation we have built, and this wonderful profession, which has from day one been so supportive, open to change, considered, humble and so so important. You have been amazing and inspiring.

I’m really pleased that this will be a long transition period – I’ll be here till mid September. Colin and the Board will be leading a thorough search for Engineering New Zealand’s next Chief Executive, to continue to mature this outstanding organisation.

Susan Freeman-Greene
Chief Executive, Engineering New Zealand