Engineering New Zealand is working with MBIE to deliver a number of projects that benefit the industry and the profession, including the C5 Evidence Project.

This involves us working with senior structural engineers to gather evidence of the impacts of the revised  (yellow) chapter of C5 on building %NBS ratings. MBIE wants to understand the impacts of the new information in this chapter before making any decision about its regulatory status (taking an evidence-based approach). 

Through the project, Engineering New Zealand has commissioned a sample of assessments of varying building typologies to understand how the yellow chapter affects findings when compared with the Red Book. 

We are managing the project in phases, with Phase One due for completion by November 2019. Once MBIE receives our Phase One report of our findings, it will decide whether more evidence is needed, such as whether any particular building types warrant further investigation.

Other similar projects we’re delivering for MBIE include the Geotech Practice Series, and Low Damage Design, which we expect to stand up in September. These projects are funded by MBIE, to support the building regulatory system.

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