Engineering New Zealand upholds complaint against Dick Joyce

18 February 2019 

Engineering New Zealand has upheld a complaint against Wellington engineer Dick Joyce. 

Mr Joyce certified a vehicle – a crane on a truck deck – after it had failed load testing. Another engineer engaged by the vehicle owner raised concerns about whether the truck deck was rigid enough for the crane’s size and position, which led to the complaint. 

Engineering New Zealand’s Disciplinary Committee found that Mr Joyce’s engineering services in certifying the vehicle did not meet the standards expected of a Chartered Professional Engineer and member of Engineering New Zealand. In their decision, the Disciplinary Committee says the public relies on engineers’ significant knowledge and specialised skills to make judgement calls. 

“The public places significant trust in engineers to self-regulate. As a professional, an engineer must take responsibility for being competent and acting ethically”, the decision says. 

The Disciplinary Committee ordered that Mr Joyce be publicly censured, his membership of Engineering New Zealand suspended, and he pay a fine and costs totalling $15,000. 

Read the decision   |  626.0 KB