Challenges facing the resource management system include environmental decline, threats to biodiversity and climate change. Our urban areas are struggling to keep pace with population growth and there are concerns about the voices of tangata whenua not being appropriately heard in decision-making processes.

Earlier this year, the Government appointed a Resource Management Review Panel with the formidable task of considering options to address these issues among others. Former Engineering New Zealand President Dean Kimpton is a member of the Panel.

In November, the Panel released a document that outlines some of its initial thinking. 

Read Transforming the resource management system: opportunities for change

The Panel would like feedback on the issues and options identified in the paper by early February 2020, especially on these questions:

  • Should there be separate legislation dealing with environmental management and land use planning for development, or is the current integrated approach preferable?
  • Are changes needed to the purpose and principle of the Resource Management Act 1991, as outlined in Part 2 of the Act?
  • Should further provisions be made in the Resource Management Act to address Māori interests and engagement in decision making? Furthermore, should a hierarchy of considerations be added to the Act so that the first obligation under the Act is to protect the health and mauri of nature (followed by the provision of essential human needs and then the enablement of consumptive use that does not adversely impact the mauri of nature)?
  • How could land use planning process under the Resource Management Act be better aligned with processes under the Local Government Act 2002 and the Land Transport Management Act 2003? 

Engineering New Zealand supports the work of the Panel and is intending to provide feedback. We would value your input. If you have thoughts on the document, the Resource Management Act or wider considerations on resource management processes in New Zealand, please contact Jodi Caughley (Policy and Projects Lead) by calling 04 474 9650 or emailing