A massive thank you to everyone who responded to the Registration Authority (RA) on its consultation about possible changes to Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng). There was very good engagement on the consultation document. Submitters provided invaluable feedback to the RA on its proposals to strengthen CPEng.

This feedback will not only support the RA in this work, but it will also inform Engineering New Zealand’s ongoing work to support membership, the occupational regulation of engineers and general professional services support.

We received 13 group submissions, 37 individual submissions and 327 people completed the online survey. Of those who filled in the survey:

  • 55% were CPEng (Chartered Professional Engineers).
  • 56% were CMEngNZ (Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand).
  • Respondents were from the following self-selected disciplines: structural (27%), civil (18%), transportation (10%), geotechnical (10%), electrical (8%), mechanical (7%) and environmental (5%). The remaining 15% were split across management, industrial, building services, fire, chemical, aerospace, software, and others.
  • There was distribution across ‘types of organisation’ with large firms (29%), medium firms (23%), small firms (20%), public sector (10%), sole practitioners (9%), academics (3%), retirees (2%) and ‘others’ (3%).

We are analysing the submissions received and are working to provide this analysis back to CPEng holders, Engineering New Zealand members, and stakeholders. We expect the analysis to go out at the end of March. Watch out for a link to the analysis in our member email, Discover, on 1 April. At that time, we'll also let you know our next steps in the CPEng review.