Engineering New Zealand, the Association of Consulting and Engineering (ACE) New Zealand and CEAS are calling for employers in engineering and professional services to identify working environments that are ‘high risk’ for Covid-19 transmission and which would require workers to be vaccinated.

Their statement, released today, responds to calls from the engineering and professional services sector for clarity on vaccination requirements. Workers in these sectors are essential to delivering many of the country’s major infrastructure and construction projects, as well as numerous private developments.

ACE New Zealand Chief Executive Helen Davidson says, “People in the engineering and professional services sector work across diverse settings, and the nature of their work means they may visit several locations in a day, for example schools and hospitals, client offices and consent agencies. We have a responsibility to keep them safe, wherever that may be.”

The statement advises organisations in the sector to regularly assess the risk of Covid-19 in workplaces and respond accordingly. The statement does not propose vaccination as a mandate for all workers in the sector, but advocates vaccination as a pre-requisite for workers operating in high-risk settings.

Guidance is also provided to help organisations consider their approach to vaccination requirements. Principles are that Covid-19 risks must be actively managed, and that vaccination is the best line of defence to keep workers and communities safe and to support business continuity.

Staff wellbeing is at the heart of the approach. This includes working with staff to develop vaccination policies and processes, as well as supporting staff to get vaccinated. Taking steps to collecting information about vaccination status is also recommended.

The statement was developed in collaboration with chief executives from prominent sector organisations.

Read the position statement and guidance

Notes to reporters

ACE New Zealand is a firm-based organisation representing more than 220 consulting and engineering firms, ranging from large global firms to employee-owned SMEs.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Chief Executive Helen Davidson on 022 108 7167.

Engineering New Zealand is New Zealand's professional body for engineers, with some 20,000 members. We represent – and regulate – our members. We also act as the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Lachlan McKenzie on 021 479 885.