The new Membership Pathway creates a simpler and stronger pathway for all types of engineers. Under the new Membership Pathway, post nominals will be preserved and promoted.

In August, we consulted with members on options for post nominal abbreviations for our new Membership Pathway.

We asked members to vote on several options, including whether post nominals should be based on IPENZ or EngNZ, and whether they should be available for the new non-assessed Member class.

We received 2236 votes. The majority (58%) supported the use of post nominals based on EngNZ and the post nominal MEngNZ for the new Member class.

18% of members who voted supported post nominals based on IPENZ and no post nominal for the new Member class, while 24% of members who voted supported post nominals based on IPENZ and a post nominal for the new Member class. 

We received 547 comments from respondents, covering a range of issues and views. Forty-five people were concerned that the post nominal MEngNZ would be confused with the post nominal for a Master of Engineering, which has the post nominal (MEng). Thirty-eight people commented that the post nominal options were long and/or confusing, particularly for the categories of Chartered Membership.

Having considered your voting and feedback, the Board voted for post nominals based on EngNZ. This creates better consistency and coherency with our new name and branding, and over time will be more understandable to the public. While some members have expressed concerns around the post nominals, a wide range of views have been expressed. More than 1200 members, the majority of the survey respondents, supported a move to post nominal abbreviations based on EngNZ.

We do not expect members to update printed materials in time for the change on 1 October, and encourage them to use up existing stocks before reordering with updated post nominals.

This means that the post nominal abbreviations for the membership classes under the new Membership Pathway, which come into effect on 1 October 2017.

Membership class

Post nominal

Membership class Student Member

Post nominal No post nominal

Membership class Emerging Professional Member

Post nominal No post nominal, but can use the symbol of membership

Membership class Member

Post nominal MEngNZ

Membership class Chartered Member

Post nominal CMEngNZ
CMEngNZ (Eng. Technician)
CMEngNZ (Eng. Technologist)
CMEngNZ (PEngGeol)

Membership class Fellow

Post nominal FEngNZ

Membership class Distinguished Fellow

Post nominal DistFEngNZ

Retired members should use the (Ret.) qualifier after their post nominal.