AI is rapidly advancing and transforming the engineering landscape across all disciplines. Here are some of the latest developments in AI including those with a New Zealand and engineering focus.

AI in Engineering and New Zealand


New AI tools:

AI Global


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Chat GPT 4o

OpenAI have just released a new version of ChatGPT. GPT4 omni (4o) has a significantly improved interface and capabilities. There’s currently free access to 4o as a default with your ChatGPT login (with daily limits) – so try it out.

Here are two youtube clips showing what it can do

Hackathon for the Environment

Think about participating in the AI Forum sponsored Hackathon for the Environment and solve real-world environmental problems with AI. Registrations now open.

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As we witness rapid advancements in AI, it’s crucial for engineers to collaborate, share insights, and develop frameworks to harness AI's potential responsibly and innovatively. We invite you to contribute your observations, experiences, and expertise to foster a rich, shared knowledge base.

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