When you hear the term “3D laser scanning” what comes to mind? High tech laboratories and people in space age suits? It’s not as futuristic and out of grasp as you may think.

In today’s ever-changing surveying environment, 3D laser scanning is becoming a viable option for surveyors and engineers looking to streamline processes and operate more efficiently. 

Laser scanning technologies enable engineers and contractors to reduce risks, cut costs and can even play a role in preserving historical sites. This isn’t a passing trend either, with the global market for 3D scanning currently valued at $3.29 billion USD (4.8 billion NZD). 

If you’ve been wondering about laser scanning technology and the possibilities it can bring to your business, you should check out our upcoming webinar on 6 December. Led by one of the most experienced laser scanning surveyors in New Zealand, Mark Finlayson of Envivo, the webinar is a great chance to dip your toes into the world of 3D laser scanning.