Use the CPD framework to guide you through your unique professional development pathway for where you're at in your career.

CPD framework

CPD Model-Diagram 1

To better support you in navigating our wide range of professional development learning activities, the CPD framework has three competency domains (core, professional and technical) and three learning pathways (understand, apply and share).


Competency domains

Core Competency Domain

Core competency domain

The core competency domain introduces you to self-guided, online introductory modules that are complimentary to paid members, generally short (up to 90 minutes long)* and provide you with an essential learning platform as an engineer.

*The Engineering climate action module is the exception where it is longer and has a fee.

Professional competency domain

Professional Competency Domain

Professional skills are crucial for the success of engineers in the workplace. The professional competency domain provides you with learning activities to keep you up-to-date on business and legal skills, planning and project management, and leadership.

Technical competency domain

Technical Competency Domain

By staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, methods and standards, you can enhance your skills, knowledge and engineering competencies. The technical competency domain provides you with learning activities that span general engineering and practice-area-specific topics.

Learning pathways

Understanding learning pathway

Understanding learning pathway

Most applicable to the emerging professional and involves:

  • expanding, synthesising, and interpreting base knowledge in competency areas
  • knowing current trends and when to apply effective methods.

Applying learning pathway

More relevant to the mid-level engineer and involves:

  • applying knowledge in practice
  • demonstrating the necessary competence in specialist areas using the most appropriate decision-making methodology
  • being a capable and trustworthy project manager that meets customer and financial expectations.

Sharing learning pathway

More applicable to the senior engineer and involves:

  • deepened understanding of foundations that are communicated effectively
  • competent mentoring that develops younger engineers and pre-empts project risks and challenges.

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