Understand how to effectively engage with an engineer using our tips.

Do you need an engineer?

Check with your local council to see if the work you’re planning on doing needs consent. You may need an engineer if you want to:

  • Design an element of a new building, structure or system
  • Modify the use of an existing structure or system
  • Provide a report that may form input into a design
  • Certify a piece of equipment
  • Review the design of another engineer.

Find a suitable engineer

Choosing an engineer that is a member of Engineering New Zealand will give you assurance they are professional and ethical in their work. Engineering New Zealand Chartered Members (CMEngNZ) or Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) have been assessed and have demonstrated competence in their field of practice. Look out for the ‘official member’ symbol or CMEngNZ and CPEng post nominals when making your choice, and use our online search to check their status is current.

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Engage an engineer

Prepare a brief for the engineering work you want done. This outlines the scope of work and will help the engineer provide an accurate estimate of time and cost. Your brief should include:

  • A description of the problem you want solved
  • The scope of work you want carried out
  • Specific things you don’t want done or included
  • A deadline for completion
  • Items you want produced, such as drawings, reports, or calculations
  • Documentation you require for applications to local authorities.

Once you’re both happy with the brief, you should formalise this agreement in a legally binding contract.

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