The Wellington Branch do something different each month – technical presentations, visiting local projects, film evenings, weekend outings for the whole family and special events for Student Members to name a few. They're always looking for opportunities to run informative and exciting events. They also get involved in the local community, sponsoring an award at the regional science and technology fair.

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Hugh Evans

Yogesh Kumar

Newsletter Editor
Beth Parkin

Committee Members

  • Adithya Murthy
  • Adrian Ferguson
  • Ally Hassell
  • Amy Williams
  • Hayden Sander
  • Mazhar Ali
  • Tristan Reynard
  • Vittal Avvari

Young Engineers

Gene Sams and Michelle Meaclem

Jake Cryer

Committee Members

  • Anutham Suresh
  • Eshani Dulanjee
  • George Russon
  • James Alexander Mclean
  • Olivia Ross

Student Rep
Elgene Anthony – Victoria University of Wellington


Branch members