We're a technical collective established in 2021, to respond to the growing awareness of the importance of ventilation to manage the build-up and transfer of airborne contaminants within buildings.

We focus on design principles of ventilation engineering – including dilution, directional air flow, and airborne particle containment, which offers benefits to the wider building industry and to all building users.

Our membership provides a body of knowledge, to provide engagement with the wider community.

The Ventilation Engineering Group:

  • Represents the engineering profession to influence policy and practice
  • Promotes best ventilation engineering practice and Standards across a range of public building types including schools, hotels, corporate offices, entertainment venues, rest homes and hospitals
  • Shares and receives ventilation engineering knowledge with similar international engineering societies
  • Provides learning and professional development for members and building user groups
  • Will Influence and develop baseline requirements for airborne infectious diseases
  • Engages with the community, public, health professionals and other stakeholders to advance ventilation engineering knowledge outside of the engineering profession
  • Shares and provides guidance on emerging technologies for ventilation engineering


Membership is open to all with an interest in Ventilation Engineering, including students, technicians, facilities managers and consultants.

Members will have access to benefits such as networking with others in the wider building industry, greater understanding of wider industry needs, and opportunities for collaboration on ventilation engineering issues.

Membership types include:

  • Student – Free
  • Member– $57.50 per year

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