The Transportation Group is a technical group of Engineering New Zealand, with about 1,200 members. Membership is open to individuals with a professional interest or who are directly involved in the science, practice and technical aspects of the teaching, planning, design, implementation and management of transportation systems and facilities.

What they do

The vision of the group is to be recognised as the foremost impartial and credible voice on transportation issues in New Zealand. Its perspectives are invariably sought when new policies and legislation are being developed. It makes a significant contribution to the major transportation debates of the day, often taking the lead in raising issues for consideration.


As a member you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • Quarterly editions of the flagship publication, Roundabout.
  • Attend the annual conference and local branch events.
  • Be involved in preparing submissions on major issues, legislation and policies.

Membership types include:

  • Student – Free
  • Employed – $75 per year
  • Unemployed – $15 per year
  • Retired – $15 per year

Become a member

Visit the Transportation Group website