The Recreation Safety Engineering Group (RSE) aims to broaden and modernise the scope of equipment to be included in the system with the sole aim of improving public safety. Members of RSE assess amusement devices and issue a Certificate of Examination, the primary stage before WorkSafe issue a Certificate of Registration.

What the group does

Members of RSE see their role as professional advocates of engineering safety in recreation as devices/activities become more diverse and technically demanding.

The RSE was formed in February 2008 with the active support of WorkSafe NZ to facilitate the work of engineers who routinely certify amusement devices. These include go-karts, merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, miniature trains, bumper boats, hovercraft, and simulators. All these devices are used by the public in general and by children in particular. RSE members have the safety of people riding or in the vicinity of these devices as their first priority.

Certifiers work under the Amusement Devices Regulations 1978, which are made under the Machinery Act 1950 – well-proven public-good legislation programmed to be updated in the next year or so. Certifiers carry full responsibility for the safe design and operation of the device (at the time of the inspection) and an ongoing professional responsibility to interact with the owner/operator during the period of the licence issued by WorkSafe on the recommendation of the Certifier. To be an amusement device certifier you need to be a mechanically-qualified Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

The Recreation Safety Engineering Group (RSE) is a technical interest group of Engineering New Zealand.

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  • Professional development in the practice area of amusement device certifications.
  • Collegial support.
  • Direct interaction with the Regulator.
  • Advice on issues as they arise.

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