The Rainbow Special Interest Group (RSIG) advocates for and improves the representation of rainbow communities across the engineering profession. RSIG is the place for organisations and individuals who are passionate about diversity to connect and help each other make the engineering and architecture industries a more inclusive space.

What the group does

They bring together resources, knowledge and best workplace policy and practices to members for personal and career development. RSIG commits to providing a safe space and a voice for organisations and engineers who are passionate about improving the diversity of the industry, particularly for rainbow communities.

The Rainbow Special Interest Group is a special interest group of Engineering New Zealand.


Enjoy the following activities, benefits and initiatives as an RSIG member;

  • Activities and events that promote awareness and representation of rainbow community in engineering and STEM
  • Be part of a national network of members who advocate and support the representation and rights of rainbow community in the profession
  • A forum to discuss, share and access guidance for organisational policy and standards approaches to promoting the rights and experiences of rainbow communities
  • A safe space to voice concerns or challenges and receive support.

Membership is open to anyone working in the engineering and architecture professions including rainbow community members and allies alike (not limited to engineers).

Membership type

Cost per year

Membership type Member

Cost per year Complimentary until the end of 2024

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