The New Zealand Society for Safety Engineering (NZSSE) was founded in 2014, in response to a greater focus on health and safety across all industries, following the Pike River Royal Commission.

What the group does

The NZSSE aspires to be a community for engineers with a specific focus on health and safety and also for engineers with a desire to continue to improve this aspect of their practice. We encourage conversation and knowledge-sharing across the various disciplines in engineering.

The NZSSE aims to support engineers to make New Zealand healthier and safer. Engineers are able to help solve problems and address concerns of society through the various roles they play and their behaviour — in the application of design and technology, and in other roles such as governance and management.

This society asks engineers to uphold NZSSE values by:

  • Being open to the views of others; discussing and considering those views
  • Understanding how their decisions affect the health and safety of current and future generations
  • Drawing attention to and effectively communicating health and safety hazards to those who can influence and control the design

The New Zealand Society for Safety Engineering Group is a technical interest group of Engineering New Zealand.

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The NZSSE helps engineers and others share expertise and experience in health and safety matters by providing:

  • Access to online resources (some resources are for members only)
  • Webinars and other events
  • A newsletter for members
  • The latest industry news/updates on legislative changes

This society also represents the engineering profession with bodies such as WorkSafe New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, to give the profession a voice in the development of regulations and practice guidance which affect engineers. They support feedback from the NZSSE membership and wider Engineering New Zealand on documents out for consultation, and assist members by helping to organise their personal feedback.

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