NZSOLD was founded to advance the technology of dam engineering and support socially and environmentally responsible development and management of water resources. NZSOLD is actively involved with technical, environmental, social, economic, regulatory, and administrative aspects of dams and their safety.

What the group does

They aim to protect people, property and the environment, present and future, from the harmful effects of a dam failure or an uncontrolled release of the reservoir contents.

They promote cooperation between stakeholders with and interest in dams. This includes technical, regulatory, and owner representative as well as the general public. It develops and provides information to members and represents the industry at government level. It actively reviews and shares information on an international stage to best represent dam practice in New Zealand.

NZSOLD represents New Zealand at the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). An important activity of ICOLD is the development and publication of technical bulletins that provide international best practice which member countries can apply to their own situations. Members of NZSOLD enjoy the ability to access the wealth of technical information available through ICOLD.

The New Zealand Society on Large Dams is a technical interest group of Engineering New Zealand.

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As a member of NZSOLD you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • Regular newsletters with training opportunities and new publications.
  • Participate in workshops.
  • Join the NZSOLD Young Professionals Group for fun events and opportunities to learn.
  • Priority access to the NZSOLD Dam Safety Guidelines including any revisions or additional practice material.
  • Access technical information through the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD).
  • Submit papers for ICOLD meetings and congress with initial peer review provided by NZSOLD.

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