The New Zealand Institution of Gas Engineers (NZIGE) is an active and supportive network of gas professionals. It was formed in 1924 as an opportunity to create a forum to enable communication and education for technicians and engineers. It has evolved over the years and continues to provide a strong membership to share knowledge and expertise to enhance technical competency across all aspects of the gas industry.

What they do

NZIGE’s vision is to be New Zealand's leading body for gas professionals. Their mission involves being an active and supportive network of gas professionals through:

  • Promoting safety and efficiency in the New Zealand gas industry through innovative solutions.
  • Striving to improve gas policy and standards, and encouraging sustainable progress.
  • Sharing our knowledge through mentoring, and supporting learning to enhance technical competency.     
  • Encouraging a strong, active membership across the variety of disciplines in the gas and related industries within New Zealand.

NZIGE is involved in the process of reviewing and developing technical standards and policies that affect all aspects of New Zealand’s gas industry.

  • Represents LPG and Natural Gas industries.
  • Education and training through technical workshops.
  • Providing enablers for our members to actively lead the industry.
  • Offers networking opportunities to share knowledge and expertise.
  • Offers technical workshops and Regional Forum Evening Hot Topic presentations for professional development and up skilling.
  • Annual Spring Seminar.


As a member you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • Professional and social networking opportunities.
  • Access to information, standards, codes and industry events.
  • Technical and professional development.
  • Access to publications at no cost.

Membership types include:

  • Member – $156.30 per year
  • Student – $135.30 per year
  • Associate – $156.30 per year
  • Fellow – FREE
  • Life Fellow – FREE
  • Honorary – FREE
  • Retired - FREE

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