We put the Engineering in IT. This is a home for IT Engineers with an interest in technology that is safe, ethical, well engineered, fit for purpose and managed through its life-cycle.

Te Tira Hangarau IT Engineers community enables members to discover and share new ideas in IT Engineering, undertake professional development and find networking opportunities. It provides a resource for Engineering New Zealand to draw on and it will seek to influence the national agenda in matters relating to technology.

What the group does

This is a fledgling group heavily reliant on volunteer time. We encourage all members to not only enjoy what the group offers, but to contribute in some way as well. A couple of hours from you can positively impact tens to hundreds of your peers.

The IT Engineering group will facilitate the following activities for the benefit of its members:

  • Local seminars to provide education, training and professional development
  • Newsletter to highlight news, events
  • Meetups to share experiences and views, including for Young IT Engineers
  • Site visits and talks from on-site IT Engineers and IT Architects
  • A LinkedIn page, a Meetup page
  • Collaborations with other TIGs and Branches to host events
  • Collaborations with other IT bodies (eg. ITP, NZTech)
  • Support for IT Engineers engaging in the chartership process
  • Engaging with government to influence regulations and standards around technology

The IT Engineers Group (IT) is a technical interest group of Engineering New Zealand.


Membership is open to Engineering New Zealand members and all other stakeholders in the IT industry.

Members of the IT Engineers group are not automatically members of Engineering New Zealand.

Members must however abide by the code of conduct for Engineering New Zealand when engaging with or for the group.

Membership type

Cost per year

Membership type Student

Cost per year Free

Membership type Member

Cost per year $50

All costs exclude GST.

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