The Heritage Group is a cross-disciplinary group for engineers and professionals in adjacent sectors who work with heritage structures, sites, and values. The group has been formed to work on useful ways to share knowledge about working with heritage, to disseminate best-practice ideas, and to foster relationships between the engineering community and other heritage professionals.

What the group does

  • Connect engineers and heritage specialists and promote the development of skills and knowledge in areas of engineering heritage practice by providing opportunities for sharing information, stories and successes.
  • Be a supportive cross-disciplinary community and network that is both for those in professional heritage roles and for those who would like to apply a better understanding of heritage to their work as an engineer (or their work with engineers).
  • Ensure Māori perspectives of heritage are recognised, valued, and incorporated into practice, by working with iwi partners to build relationships and share knowledge.
  • Make available and promote existing guidelines for working with built heritage and clarify how these can be applied to practical engineering situations.
  • Be a strong collective voice engaging in policy discussion and development of best practice guidance for heritage.
  • Promote notable heritage projects and interest Young Engineers in developing skills in working with heritage.

The Heritage Group is a special interest group of Engineering New Zealand.


As a member you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • Connect with other heritage specialists across engineering disciplines and related professions
  • Build your knowledge through information sharing and informal peer support
  • Attend events, webinars and regional in-person meet-ups
  • Contribute to the development of best practice guidance

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