Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand (CEP) believe energy management encompasses a wide range of activities and expertise in the optimal use of energy. This includes the areas of measurement and control; the development of management strategies, programmes and plans; and the expert implementation of techniques, technology and tools to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainable use of energy.

What the group does

CEP aim to promote the highest standards of energy management skills and competence. They strive to provide an open forum for the discussion of energy management issues, skills and techniques. As well as this, they aim to foster and facilitate the integration of sound energy management practices into all sectors of the New Zealand economy.

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Membership of CEP is open to anyone interested in energy management and the efficient use of energy. As a member, you'll have access to exclusive member benefits such as:

  • Discounts for all CEP events.
  • Access to members only online discussion forum.
  • Access to networks.
  • Opportunities to influence.
  • Training, accreditation and personal development.

There are various types of memberships offered with CEP ranging from Student Memberships to Large Sustaining Partner Memberships.

Membership type

Cost per year

Membership type Member

Cost per year $250

Membership type Student

Cost per year $20

Membership type Energy Master

Cost per year $250

Membership type Retired

Cost per year $80

All costs exclude GST.