The Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) is a joint technical group of Engineers Australia and Engineering New Zealand. It's members include academics, support staff, postgraduate students, librarians, engineers, and employers who all have interests in fostering excellence and innovation in engineering education.

What the group does

AAEE aim to improve the quality, relevance and performance of engineering education in Australasia. Their objectives are to:

  • Quantify and make more visible within Australasia the increasing need for specific advanced engineering skills.
  • Increase the participation rates of high school leavers in engineering education and training, especially of women and non-traditional sources of students.
  • Promote the development and use of new teaching techniques and tools and promote measurement of teaching effectiveness.
  • Provide assistance to the engineering educators, especially to the new members of the teaching staff.
  • Promote the professional development of engineering educators.
  • Make the Association the focal point for information on all aspects of engineering education within Australasia.
  • Develop co-sponsorship of the Association by other engineering professional institutions and associations in Australasia.
  • Develop global links with similarly-minded organisations in other countries.

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As a member you'll have access to benefits such as:

  • AAEE's email bulletin with the latest engineering education news.
  • Discounts on registration at the annual conference and pre-conference workshops and short courses.
  • Have a say in the future direction of AAEE through attendance at the Annual General Meeting and by standing for election to the AAEE Executive.

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