Breathing and relaxation can counter the negative effects of stress, switching activation from the Sympathetic to the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This slows down your heart rate and activates neurochemical systems that calm you.


Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the most effective ways to manage stress and keep you in the optimal zone for performance because it delivers oxygen to the brain, relaxes the central nervous system, calms you down and improves your performance. Yoga With Me’s Shirley McLeod takes you through a breathing exercise.


Practising mindfulness strategies on a regular basis has been found to strengthen networks in the brain in areas responsible for attention and emotional control. It also has a positive influence on the immune system and reduces anxiety and depression. Shirley McLeod from Yoga With Me demonstrates a simple mindfulness practice you can do anywhere, anytime.


You can take a moment, even while you are at work, to slow your heart rate by breathing deeply and stretching. This helps rid your body of built-up stress allowing you to engage in the task at hand with renewed vigour and a calm sense of alertness. Follow along with Shirley McLeod of Yoga With Me to learn some easy stretches you can do at your desk.

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