The Hume Fellowship provides financial assistance to young civil engineers, helping them to improve their professional skills with specialist study at an overseas institution.

Applications now open

The 2021 Fellowship was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. Applications are now invited for the 2021/22 Fellowship. Applications must be submitted electronically by 9 October 2022. Email your application to Hume Fellowship Applications.

Applications for the 2023 Fellowship are expected to open in February 2023 and to close in April 2023.

Scholarship details

  • 1 scholarship up to $21,000

The Hume Fellowship was established in 1988 to award fellowships to Civil Engineering graduates. The Fellowships are financed from the estate of Harry Lancelot Hume FEngNZ, and gifted by his wife Henrietta.

Engineering New Zealand Hall of Fame – Harry Hume

It's intended to provide financial assistance to young civil engineers so they can further their professional skills through specialist study at an overseas institution. The overall aim is to advance the technical skills of the engineering profession within New Zealand.


To apply you must be a New Zealand citizen between the ages of 25 and 35, with a university degree in civil engineering.

How to apply

The basis of selection will be on:

  • the subject, the period and location of study proposed by the applicant
  • how the study programme will advance the engineering profession within New Zealand
  • demonstrated ability in their specialist field.

Your application needs to include:

  • a cover letter addressing the ‘basis of selection’ requirements above 
  • names and contact details for at least 3 referees to confirm your professional ability and character
  • your CV, including your qualifications, publications, awards and employment history
  • the estimated cost of your proposed study, and an indication of how additional funds will be raised, as you're likely to need more than the $21,000 scholarship offered

If successful, you'll need to submit interim and final reports to show the progress of your study. You will also need to return to New Zealand after your study is completed, for at least 2 years to share the technical skills you gained abroad. In some situations the Trustees may approve a limited period of overseas work experience before you return to New Zealand.

Past recipients

2019 – Phoebe Moses

The 2019 Fellowship was awarded to Phoebe Moses. Phoebe is presently studying for an Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability at Edinburgh University. The Edinburgh University MSc in Environmental Sustainability is a 1 year taught masters with research project and dissertation, sitting under the School of Geosciences. The courses offered are wide-ranging, with particular focus on sustainable business practise, the economics of ecology, sustainable development and the intersection of social and environmental sustainability. The MSc aims to equip people with an understanding of how to incorporate sustainable values and solutions into business strategy and  industry practise. The course will help to enable an informed approach to assist the transition of the engineering industry in NZ to be low-carbon and sustainable. With impetus from the recent government commitment to form a zero-carbon economy by 2050, there is a need for more expertise in NZ to help the built environment industry transition their way of doing work with a sustainable mandate. The research component of the MSc will give the opportunity to understand how NZ can learn from some of the important lessons of the UK experience in this area.

2017 – Shannon Wallis

2015 – Helen Kerr & Ethan Thomson

2011 – Courtney Groundwater

2009 – Kaley Crawford-Flett & Tim Taylor

2007 – Rebecca Nicholson

2005 - Steve Abley & Merrick Taylor

2001 – Katherine Hill

1999 – Robert Swears

1996 – Jenny Hart & Richard Cowley

1995 – Alison Wakelin

1994 – Andrew Shilton

1993 – Christine Spring

1991 – Peter Bourne-Webb

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