We have great connections all over the world, which means our members get to benefit from international opportunities.

We offer 3 international registers:

  • International Professional Engineer (IntPE)/APEC Engineers Register
  • International Engineering Technologist (IntET)
  • International Engineering Technician (IntETn) – available in 2019

Engineering New Zealand maintains the international engineers' registers within New Zealand. It's part of our role with the International Engineering Alliance (IEA). Registration is available to engineers that are Chartered Members of Engineering New Zealand and meet the required standard. These standards are set out in the IEA competence agreements.

Joining an international register

Joining an international register means your competence as an engineer is recognised to an international standard – building your credibility even more. It also provides opportunities and greater mobility around the world.


  • Demonstrated current competence against the standard for professional engineers
  • A Washington, Sydney or Dublin Accord-accredited qualification
  • 2 years in charge of significant engineering work
  • 7 years of postgraduate professional engineering experience
  • Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand

Cost (excl GST)

First-time assessment $1,565 ($1,215 with mutual recognition)

Equivalent knowledge assessment $1,175 (if you don't have a Washington Accord qualification)

Annual fee $60

Continued registration

To stay registered, you'll need to keep up with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of your Engineering New Zealand Chartered Membership.