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Engineers and other technical writers often write only in passive tense, even though this sentence structure can lead to long, clunky sentences. In addition, there is a tendency to run two or more sentences together into a single ‘run-on’ sentence.  When run-on sentences are used, or insufficient attention is paid to active and passive tense, this can lead to grammatical errors, and, worse to meaning being lost.

Technical writers also tend to litter their documents with acronyms, even if the document is being presented to a reader who is not familiar with the acronym.

In this recorded webinar, we focus on two common problems with technical writing: insufficient attention to active and passive tense, and the use of run-on sentences. 

Learning outcomes

In this recorded webinar you will gain:

  • an understanding of what passive tense is, and how it differs from active tense
  • skills in recognising active and passive tense and determining which is better for a given context
  • the ability to convey meaning in both active and passive tense
  • an understanding of what a run-on sentence is, and why these are problematic
  • skills in recognising run-on sentences
  • skills in correcting run-on sentences
  • an understanding of when to use acronyms and when to avoid them
  • an understanding of how to indicate that an acronym is being used, and to explain the full meaning of the term.

Intended audience

You should attend this webinar if you write technical documents as part of your work.

Presenter information

Dr Giovanna Fenster

Dr Giovanna Fenster studied law in South Africa and has a PhD in Creative Writing. She has, for over two decades, been training, advising and consulting to the construction and engineering industries. Her workshops are lively, hands-on, and practical.