Learning Style:
Recorded webinar
CPD hours:
1 hour
  • $80.00 incl. GST

Progressing ideas or intentions into viable business opportunities is important to stay in the game. This recorded webinar will give practical tips on how to assess and commercialise a business idea/product/service and crossing the marketing chasm to find out how to characterise an idea, validate its market and determine your ability to deliver against competitive forces.

Intentions are great, but only actions will make your business a success.  How do you get a great idea from mind to market?

There is a need for professionals to be aware of how their ideas or wishes, whether technical or commercial, could be turned into a profitable commercial reality.  This webinar covers the essentials needed to successfully evaluate potential opportunities and turn your ideas into viable business propositions in a practical way that is also easily remembered.

Participants will gain an awareness and understanding of the commercial realities involved in assessing and commercialising potentially valuable business ideas. 

Learning outcomes

In this webinar you will gain an understanding of:

  • the processes and risks of commercialising new ideas emanating from your work, new contacts, or ideas
  • assessing an idea
  • the commercial success potential and positioning of an idea
  • the market and financial viability of a new concept
  • how to gain a competitive advantage by using your experience, knowledge and business capabilities to deliver the new idea to clients

Intended audience

Anyone who has an idea for a product or service and who wishes to commercialise it or extract some commercial value from it.

This also includes anyone who has an internal business idea and wishes to turn it into reality by expanding a service or product offering in an existing client environment

Presenter information

Piet Beukman has a passion for developing engineers into capable professional leaders that can deal with their technical, as well as their business tasks, with equal capability.

Piet retired in 2019 as the Director of the Engineering Management Programme at the University of Canterbury and is now self-employed as a coach, mentor, consultant and educator. An accomplished “pracademic”, he has 43 years of experience in the aerospace, military, marine engineering, venture capital, commercialisation and consulting industries to offer. He also has hands-on experience of managing complex engineering projects.

Piet is influential in developing NZ best practice methods for the effective execution of engineering activities. He is highly regarded in New Zealand and internationally as a practitioner with a sound track record of achievement for using a practical, but rigorous, approach.

Piet has presented numerous webinars and short courses for local and international organisations including consulting firms, contractors, technology companies, district and city councils, electricity, infrastructure organisations and government departments.