Our Rules dictate how Engineering New Zealand is run, from how the Board is comprised and elected, to how Branches are run and what is expected of members.

Many of our Rules were drafted some time ago and need modernizing. The intention is to modernise and streamline them, make them more usable by turning them into plain English, develop a clear and logical layout, and remove detail where it’s not needed. We don’t think there are any major things missing in our Rules but we could make some tweaks to ensure they support our day-to-day functioning. 

We’re taking this opportunity to ask members what else they would like to see changed.

What do our rules cover?

As an incorporated society, we are required by law to have a set of Rules. The rules set out how our society is run. 

The Incorporated Societies Act 1908 sets out certain things that our Rules must cover, including: 

  • Our objects 
  • How members join and leave 
  • How the Rules can be changed 
  • How meetings are summoned and held, including how voting is conducted 
  • The appointment of officers, and 
  • How our funds are controlled and invested. 
Our Rules cover other operational and governance matters, including how our branches and technical groups are set up, the Board’s powers and responsibilities, and what your rights and obligations are as members. 

The consultation process

Phase 1: February-March 2018

We started this process with a blank slate, inviting members to share their feedback on any aspect of the Rules. 

Phase 2: May-July 2018

The second round of consultation provided some alternative approaches to specific sections of the Rules, and asked for feedback. 

Read the summary of feedback

Phase 3: September - November 2018

We took that feedback and created a new draft of the Rules, which we then consulted on. Our third round of consultation showed overwhelming support for the new Rules (from more than 92% of respondents). 

Final draft: February 2019

We revised the draft based on the feedback from Phase 2.

Read the draft Rules

Read more about this process  

Further information 

Read frequently asked questions about the Rules review

Read our current Rules