Panel members have been assessed by the Steering Group through a three-stage process including a written application, interview and referee check. Panel members have been appointed for a three-year term.

Panel members

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Personal information

Regional availability

Name Alice CHAPLIN

Personal information Tetra Tech Coffey (NZ) Ltd
021 241 3745

Name Andy GRAY

Personal information Penrose Consultants Ltd
027 478 5890

Name Arthur AMPUTCH

Personal information Riley Consultants
021 974 219

Name Brett HEAVEN

Personal information Rubix
021 423 200

Name Cathy FORREST

Personal information AECOM New Zealand Ltd
021 593 685

Regional availability South Island

Name Craig BYERS

Personal information Savills New Zealand
027 295 4013

Regional availability South Island and major North Island cities

Name David CHUNG

Personal information Calibre Group
027 497 3594

Regional availability Wellington, Nelson/Marlborough/Tasman, West Coast

Name David McLERNON

Personal information Octa Associates Ltd
021 277 7730

Name Elliot DUKE

Personal information Davis Ogilvie & Partners Ltd
021 352 297

Name Fraser ROBSON

Personal information Frequency
027 535 3735

Regional availability South Island


Personal information Maltbys Ltd
021 453 014

Regional availability Nationally

Name Glenn O'CONNOR

Personal information Bonisch Consultants
021 523 196

Regional availability Nationally

Name Helen PULLAR

Personal information EngDevnz Ltd
027 220 1760

Regional availability Canterbury, West Coast, Otago


Personal information Tonkin & Taylor
021 562 805

Regional availability Lower North Island and upper South Island

Name James ANDREWS

Personal information Rally Ltd
021 986 658

Regional availability Lower Northland, Auckland, Waikato

Name Jeremy BROWN

Personal information RDT Pacific
027 530 7850

Name Jim MUIR

Personal information WSP NZ Ltd
021 840 299

Name John DUNN

Personal information Self-employed
021 453 316

Regional availability South Island

Name John KERR

Personal information Jacobs
027 625 4646

Regional availability Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Central North Island

Name Josy COOPER

Personal information Above Water Engineering Ltd
027 557 5993

Regional availability Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland

Name Kerry NEWELL

Personal information AECOM
021 664 467

Name Lawrie SAEGERS

Personal information Rawlinsons Ltd
021 610 302

Name Mark MABEY

Personal information Kwanto Ltd
022 505 0010

Regional availability North Island


Personal information Maynard Marks New Zealand Ltd
021 289 9432

Name Martin LEAK

Personal information Resolve Group
021 710 014

Name Mike HANSON

Personal information RDT Pacific
021 272 5161

Regional availability Nationally


Personal information Urban Outcomes
027 584 0352

Regional availability Nationally

Name Patrick HANLON

Personal information BQH Ltd
021 553 219

Regional availability Nationally


Personal information CM New Zealand Ltd
021 245 6375

Regional availability Canterbury and Auckland


Personal information AECOM
021 590 069

Regional availability Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Tairāwhiti, Hawkes Bay and Wellington Regions

Name Peter BAILEY

Personal information Resolve Group Ltd
022 102 7744

Regional availability Lower North Island and upper South Island


Personal information Calibre Group Ltd
021 464 569

Name Philip MOLINEUX

Personal information Maltbys Ltd
021 234 3196

Name Phillip McCAMISH

Personal information Maltbys Ltd
021 222 9280

Name Polly HALL

Personal information Frequency NZ Ltd
027 566 5822

Regional availability North Island

Name Simon BARNES

Personal information Barnes Beagley Doherr Ltd
021 456 631


Personal information Resolve Group Ltd
021 959 928

Regional availability Nationally

Name Tim PALIN

Personal information Frequency NZ Ltd
027 397 9595


Personal information Tetra Tech Coffey (NZ) Ltd
021 521 361

Find out more about how to engage an EtC from our Panel.

Pilot phase

We are currently in the Panel’s pilot phase. The first round of appointments has been made to the Panel, with view to scaling up gradually .

The pilot phase is an opportunity to test and refine the Panel’s processes in preparation for scaling up activities later in 2022. During the pilot phase, Panel members will help develop resources to support EtCs in the role.

We were not able to accept applications from all interested applicants for the pilot phase. There will be future opportunities to apply to join the Panel after the pilot phase and we encourage you to apply again if you were not successful in the initial round. We will advertise on this website and through other industry channels when applications open again.


The Steering Group has developed a Code of Ethics for Panel members. This set of expectations applies to the Panel member’s performance of the role of EtC. Each Panel member has acknowledged and committed to complying with this Code of Ethics.

If the Panel Coordinator is informed or becomes aware of any issues or circumstances that may affect a Panel member’s continued eligibility to be a recognised Panel member, the Steering Group may review the member’s eligibility to remain on the Panel. Reviews will be conducted by the Steering Group and would assess whether the Panel member continued to meet the criteria for eligibility. The member would have an opportunity to respond and provide further information. If the review determined the member did not meet the criteria, they may be removed from the Panel (but may re-apply in the future).


The establishment of this Panel is part of Engineering New Zealand’s contribution to the Construction Sector Accord. (This Panel is separate and distinct from the National Supplier Panel for Engineer to Contract by Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities and Engineer to Contract Accreditation by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.)

What is the role of the Panel?

The Panel supports the independence and success of the EtC role by:

  • providing clarification on who can perform the role
  • setting the standard for those undertaking the role
  • providing mentorship and support as needed.

What is the purpose of the Panel? 

The Panel provides the public with a list of recognised EtCs for contractual purposes. The Panel also sets a benchmark for EtCs to perform in the building and construction sector. All parties – including contractors, principals, EtCs and others – will benefit from knowing who has been recognised as capable of fulfilling the duties of the role for their building and construction projects.

Read more about the background and development of the Panel.