Successful applicants will be appointed to the Panel for a three-year term

Panel members will be expected to commit to and uphold a Code of Ethics.

To renew their appointment for a further term, Panel members will need to complete a brief statement confirming:

  • their ongoing acceptance and commitment to adhere to the Panel’s expectations and the Code of Ethics
  • any substantial changes to their area of practice and experience
  • they are not aware of any legal proceedings, complaints or other actions against them that could bring the Panel into disrepute

Panel members will also be expected to apply the Construction Sector Accord’s Guiding Principles and, ideally, contracting parties engaging the Panel will have signed the Accord’s Contract Partnering Agreement (although this is not a pre-requisite).


If the Panel Coordinator is informed or becomes aware of any issues or circumstances that may affect a Panel member’s continued eligibility to be a recognised Panel member, the Steering Group may review the member’s eligibility to remain on the Panel. Reviews will be conducted by the Steering Group and will assess whether the Panel member continues to meet the criteria for eligibility. The member would have an opportunity to respond and provide further information. If the review determines the member does not meet the criteria, they will be removed from the Panel (but may re-apply in the future).