Applicants will be assessed using a three-stage approach – written application, interview and referee checks – to determine if they meet the requirements for appointment to the Panel.

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Applications for the Pilot Phase close on 28 February 2022. If you are interested in joining the Panel after the Pilot Phase, you are very welcome to do apply now or in the future. Applications received after 28 February 2022 will be evaluated for inclusion in the next stage of the Panel’s operations.

Applicants will need to demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of the construction eco-system and industry, including:

  • demonstrated competency with NZS391x contracts
  • advisory skills and technical knowledge for construction projects and contracts
  • relationship management skills including delegation and meeting control
  • an understanding of dispute resolution processes
  • ability to demonstrate fairness and impartiality in decision-making
  • demonstrated relevant experience in construction contract administration
  • knowledge of applicable guidelines and standards, including construction monitoring guidelines
  • knowledge about programming (ie scheduling), time extensions and variations, contracts, and design
  • ability to engage with quantity surveyors and cost managers and make decisions on valuation of progress payments and variations
  • able to think logically, process information and make decisions, and
  • organisational and administrative skills with accuracy and an attention to detail.

For the Pilot, the Steering Group will review all applications at each stage and run a robust and fair evaluation process. The three-staged evaluation process consists of a comprehensive written application, an in-person or online interview, and reference checks.

Stage one - written application

Applications are now open. The application form requires applicants to:

  • answer questions relating to their practice, experience as an EtC, and understanding of the EtC role
  • acknowledge and accept the expectations of Panel members and terms of continued appointment
  • provide a CV
  • agree to a Ministry of Justice criminal conviction check (if the Steering Group wishes to obtain one)
  • provide contact details for themselves and two referees
  • provide any supporting qualification documents, and
  • commit to complying with the Code of Ethics for Panel Members.

The Steering Group will meet, assess and discuss applicants’ written applications against the criteria for appointment. During that meeting, the Steering Group will decide whether an applicant is likely (or not) to meet the criteria and therefore move onto the second round – interviews.

Stage two - interview

The purpose of the interview is to test the applicant’s ability to verbally communicate and to ascertain an understanding for their knowledge and understanding of an EtC’s role.

The Panel Coordinator will organise an online or in-person interview for each applicant with a member of the Steering Group.

Interviewers will run through a standardised set of questions (and any follow-up questions deemed appropriate) to assess the applicant’s level of competency as an EtC. Information gathered will be shared with the Steering Group.

Stage three - referee checks

The third and final stage will not directly involve the applicant. The Steering Group will complete a referee check for applications they believe will meet the criteria, to verify the information submitted by the applicant.

The Panel Coordinator will let applicants know that referee checks will be carried out before contacting referees.