Ready to build your team with mechanical engineering interns and graduates? Summer of Tech have candidates ready to hit the ground running, learn and grow with you this summer.

Interns bring fresh ideas and energy, thirst to put their knowledge into practice, and are a great way to build your team. In this tight recruitment market, attracting, growing and retaining juniors is an essential part of future-proofing your business.

Summer of Tech makes it easy to get your employment brand out there and connect with your future employees. Their approach is industry-led, and they'll work with you to build the candidate pool and streamline the process.

Smaller companies have equal access to the talent, Summer of Tech will do the outreach to all major NZ tertiaries, and help you craft your roles to attract the best candidates. Summer of Tech is a great channel to promote niche opportunities and career paths, and works really well for smaller teams with limited time and resources.

Larger companies will also have equal access to the talent, Summer of Tech can help refresh and target your intern recruitment campaign to save you time and resources.

Interns are a great way to fill your graduate programme pipeline and increase awareness amongst future employees. Summer of Tech work with you to make your intern recruitment effective and efficient. You bring the opportunities and they’ll help you connect with candidates who are keen to hit the ground running and exceed your expectations.

Interested in offering internship or graduate opportunities this summer?

Contact Engineering New Zealand: Robbie McDougall, Strategic Engagement Manager

Employers must have the jobs they can offer confirmed by 12 August. Student recruitment occurs in September for interns starting mid November.