The Neighbourhood Engineers Awards is an annual competition run by our Futureintech programme. Through these awards we aim to create a greater awareness of the engineering profession, encourage innovative thinking in the field, and inspire students to study for a career in technology, engineering, or science. Transpower has been the sponsor since 2003.

Collaborating with engineers

Primary, intermediate, and secondary schools students work with a volunteer engineer and their teacher to meet a need, problem or opportunity in their school or local community. Projects can be big or small, involving the whole school, one class, a group of students or just one student. Most projects tend to take 2-3 terms, depending on the number of times per month the group can meet with each other and their engineer.

The emphasis is on practical, close-to-home projects that have a positive impact on the school or local community. Successful projects must demonstrate good technological practice – identify a problem, assess the options and make decisions that lead to a solution.

The Awards are about collaboration so it's important that the students do the majority of the work on the project with support from their teacher and the technical assistance of their engineering mentor.

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