We have now incorporated the Student Innovator Award into our biennial industry awards – the ENVIs – and will be renaming the category “Student Engineer of the Year.”

This enables the achievements of student engineers to be given the same recognition and profiling as all other ENVI finalists and winners. It also means that instead of just the winner receiving recognition, finalists will also receive profiling and exposure, not only within the profession but further afield.

All aspects of the award, including who can enter, who can nominate, and subject matter will remain the same. We anticipate there will be some questions regarding the changes, so below is a short Q&A to assist.

Who is eligible to enter?

Entries are open to individuals or teams who are:

  • studying an Engineering New Zealand-accredited qualification
  • studying at a tertiary institution in New Zealand

Who can apply/nominate?

We will still only accept applicants from an academic who is either:

  • a dean or programme director (or equivalent)
  • programme leader in an engineering discipline
  • paper coordinator for the project being submitted.

Is there a maximum number of entries per tertiary institution?

Yes, there will be a maximum of three entries from any tertiary provider.

When will entries open?

On 1 December 2020, closing on 28 February 2021.

Do the individuals or teams have to be an Engineering New Zealand member?

To keep the award in line with criteria across all ENVI categories, you no longer have to be an Engineering New Zealand member to be nominated.

When will the 2020 Student Engineer of the Year receive their award?

At the next ENVIs, which is taking place on 1 July 2021.

The ENVIs are biennial – how do we manage the 2021 winner given the ENVIs won’t be taking place in 2022?

This is where the biggest change kicks in and we begin to combine year groups. This means the 2023 ENVIs will receive nominations from final projects across the 2021 and 2022 academic year with a maximum of six entries per tertiary provider.

Given we don’t receive a significant number of applicants for this award, we don’t think adding more applications into the mix will have much impact. We’re also moving to a model where finalists are better promoted, so even though we’ll be looking at a wider pool of entries, there will be more entries receiving exposure compared to previous years.

How will judging take place?

Judging will be incorporated into the ENVIs judging but will use the same model as the current Student Innovator Award. Judges will also be profiled on the ENVIs website and receive recognition on the awards night.