Nominations for our Board are now open. Are you ready to stand?

The Board is responsible for Engineering New Zealand’s strategy and for monitoring its performance. Being on the Board is your chance to influence the direction of our professional body. The only prerequisite to becoming a Board member is being a member of Engineering New Zealand.  

Next year, current Board members Kaye Clark and Sue-Ellen Fenelon reach the end of their terms. These two positions are now open for nomination and have three-year terms. The Board election will also cover the Senior Office Holder positions of President, Deputy President and Vice-President, which are now open for nomination.  

If you’re thinking about standing for the Board, or about what kind of Board you want to vote for, read more about what our Board needs. What do you want the Board of the future to look like? 

Where is Engineering New Zealand going?

Potential Board members need a clear understanding of the direction set by the Board. 

View our strategy

What are we looking for in our Board members?

A Board member needs:

  • The ability to take a strategic view, while understanding key operational matters
  • To be well prepared and informed - and ready to constructively engage
  • Fresh thinking, relevant skills and knowledge
  • An appreciation of commercial issues and risk
  • A focus on accountability and transparency in monitoring compliance and performance
  • To act in good faith and in the best interests of the organisation.

What makes a good board?

A good board debates issues from a range of perspectives. It needs a mix of strengths, with each director contributing something unique and valuable to the culture and vision of the board.  Board members also bring their individual experience and networks. Having a diverse board that reflects our membership means we capture a range of viewpoints and make better decisions. This means representing a range of disciplines, ages and career stages – as well as being diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity. 

Read our Board Charter 

Our current Board 

If you are considering standing for the Board next year, take a look at the profiles of our current Board members. Think about what you might add to that mix in supporting our strategy taking a governance role in the future direction and success of Engineering New Zealand.

View our current Board members

How to apply

Board nomination form - Board member 2020-2023   |  76.5 KB

Board nomination form - Senior Office Holder 2020-2021   |  78.0 KB

  • Download the nomination form
  • Send to the Board Secretary 
  • All forms must be received by 5pm 24 January